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I have been plagued with anxiety for most of my life. On and off I have phases where it hits me and I am usually afflicted for a few months before it tends to drop away for a little while, giving me some reprieve. While it’s seriously unpleasant it doesn’t stop me doing much. I continue on, trying to ignore

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Pat’s banana bread

This recipe was created with love and patience, and by Lotus and I telling Pat that this batch was crap, then the next one was better, until he finally got it right! Enjoy and please share your feedback xxx Pat’s best Banana Bread Recipe (grain free) Ingredients; 150g of good (organic if possible) butter 4-5 really ripe banana’s – mashed

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Staying put….for now

I have had lots of people asking when we are heading to Byron. I realise this is probably because I had been telling everyone ‘yay I’m moving to Byron Bay’ and it hasn’t happened, so I thought I’d let you know the plans and why. If it was up to me we would’ve moved down south 18 months ago and I

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Yoga Philosophy – Surrender to the Divine

Yoga sutra 2.45 samadhi siddhih ishvarapranidhana ‘From an attitude of letting go into one’s source (ishvarapranidhana), the state of perfected concentration (samadhi) is attained.’ Swami Jnaneshvara The 5th and final Niyama, Ishvara Pranidhana or surrender to the Divine. We, in the west, tend to find this difficult to grasp as for many of us religion is an uncomfortable concept and

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Yoga Philosophy – Self Study

Getting to the pointy end of the Niyama’s, the second limb of 8 limbs of Yoga, we find ourselves at Svadhyaya – self study. Yoga Sutra 2.44  svadhyayat ishta devata samprayogah From self-study and reflection on sacred words (svadhyaya), one attains contact, communion, or concert with that underlying natural reality or force. The study of the self, whether it be

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I’m ok, sort of

I watched the story behind RU OK day last week and cried my eyes out. It all originated from an incredibly inspiring man who wanted to make his fathers suicide mean something. Since loosing my Dad the same way I have gone to volunteer to help people in similar positions so many times, and am just not ready and not

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