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Spring Clean #3

So here I am in Day 4 of my detox and I’ve had my first ever colonic. While I won’t, as promised, go into too much detail it was….interesting. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t completely relax so I didn’t experience as much of a cleanse as I would’ve liked, but I’m just going with the whole process and taking

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Spring Clean #2

Day 3 of the detox and I’m tired, really tired, my whole body aches, but the good news is the dull headache I’ve been suffering from has subsided – finally. I haven’t been struggling with giving up coffee as much as I thought I would. In fact, I am quickly realising that it made me feel quite anxious and agitated,

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Spring Clean #1

This is the first of my “Spring Clean” blogs, and I’m both excited and a little scared! I consider myself to be a healthy person, I eat well and exercise daily, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink often and when I do, I stick to a couple of glasses of good red wine. But like most people, I have my

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Practice Makes Perfect

As a teacher of yoga, it can be a challenge to fit in your own practice, not only because the only times classes are on are the same time as you teach, but also because, when you give so much energy to your work, when you do have time off it can be very tempting to kick your feet up

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News headline: “Marriage Makes Women Fat”

When I turned on the today show this morning (yes it’s a guilty little pleasure I have, yes I do remember my blog on Technology, Friend or Foe, and again I say to you….balance!), one of the headline pieces in the news was “Marriage and Divorce Add Weight”. I had a good laugh to myself because, well, let’s admit it,

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A Runner’s High

I love to run. I love the feeling of knowing I can run as far as my heart desires without becoming fatigued. I love the time it gives me to myself and the clarity it brings to my thoughts. To me, running is a form of meditation and if I don’t go for a few days I start to become

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