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Staying Healthy in the ‘Sick Season’

This winter has been the germiest, sickest and longest cold and flu season I can remember (and we are only half way through it!). I used to be the first to go down when sickness was around – being fit doesn’t necessarily mean being healthy and I was definitely the former and not the latter. Now that I have a

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The Wonderful World of Books

Today I spent some time going through my many books – sorting, cleaning and flicking. I have so many ranging from my many yogic texts to books from the Dalai Lama and ones about Nirvana (the band, not the state of being!). To me, books are a reflection of life – where you have been and where you are hoping

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Welcome to HappyFit.net.au

Welcome to HappyFit! This website has been in the planning in my mind and in my dreams for the past year.  While I was glued to my couch breastfeeding, for what seemed like forever, I would imagine all I could share with the cyber world – so much knowledge whirling around in my head with nowhere to go – a

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