Compartmentalize or Balanced living?

Compartmentalize or Balanced living? Which is better for having a holistic, happy, healthy life? Can we do both? While I can often be heard touting the benefits of leading a balanced life, in all aspects, including the way we eat, move and rest our bodies, to be completely honest I am more likely to compartmentalise. I tend to get consumed by

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S.O.S – Survivors of Suicide, is this even a thing? Those of us left behind after such a tragedy can only be called survivors, as we have had no other choice than to carry on and hold the memory of our lost loved one close. Moving away from Fathers Day last week, my first one without my own Father here,

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Moving Forward

When I teach I let words flow from me. Often they follow similar patterns and themes, but occasionally something comes out that makes me think, Ok this is something I need to look at in my own life. As it flows from me I realise it is obviously in my peripheral vision, this has come up for a reason, and

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Getting comfortable with Impermanence

There’s nothing like a massive change in your life to force you into understanding the simple nature of impermanence. It’s funny as I thought I had a fairly good grasp on this concept, little did I know the difference between intellectualising something and actually living it. I have been living in a completely different world these last few months. Watching

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I’m changing…here’s why

I have taught regular Yoga classes for over 10 years now. I have practice Yoga, on and off, since I was 16 and have been a dedicated, daily practitioner for over 8 years. The one thing I know for sure, from experience, is that Yoga works it’s magic when you are committed. Attending one class a week, here and there, will

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Shaken to the core

6 weeks ago today my whole world shifted forever when my Dad died by suicide. I’m not going to go in to the details right now, it’s all too much to put in to words, but I can honestly say that I have been absolutely shaken to the core, and I will never be the same. This doesn’t mean

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