How to meditate (and what not to expect)

There most regular comment I get in regards to meditation is “I just cannot stop thinking.” You are not alone! And you do not need to stop thinking to be meditating, you just need the discipline to sit your butt down, every day, and do it! For me meditation began by doing just that, just sitting. From here I began

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The progress of Yoga

I wanted to share this beautiful description of yoga which I keep on my fridge. I have had it on there for years and am not sure where it came from – I truly hope whoever wrote it is not offended I am including it on my website, I’m by no means trying to rip off anyone else’s incredible way

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The many gifts of being present

How often throughout your day are you completely involved in the task you are performing? Perhaps you truly love whatyou do for work, and when you are doing it you become so absorbed in it that you forget everything else and before you know it hours have passed you by. But what about when you are doing the menial tasks

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