Pat’s banana bread

This recipe was created with love and patience, and by Lotus and I telling Pat that this batch was crap, then the next one was better, until he finally got it right! Enjoy and please share your feedback xxx Pat’s best Banana Bread Recipe (grain free) Ingredients; 150g of good (organic if possible) butter 4-5 really ripe banana’s – mashed

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Easy Cheesy Icing

Here is my little ones favourite icing for her birthday cakes. While cream cheese is most definitely not something you would usually find in our fridge, this recipe is simple and healthy, leaving out all the usual icing sugar, colours and crap you find in ‘normal’ birthday cakes! 250g Cream cheese (we use the old favourite Philadelphia cream cheese regular,

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Chewy Cookies

These cookies are my go to treat, I ALWAYS have a batch made up in the cupboard ready to go. They are gluten free (as long as you go for gluten free bicarb soda) and lowish in sugars, just limit it to 2 at a time, and try not to eat all the batter before you bake them! Cookies – 2

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Beetroot Bliss

Not only do they look pretty, but they are a crowd pleaser due to the cacao butter which gives them a lovely creamy flavour. This should give you approx 10 bliss balls. You need; 2 cups shredded coconut (plus a handful to roll the balls in) 40g cacao butter (*You can use coconut oil, however it will change the taste

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You need: Big bunch of flat-leaf parsley, washed and roughly chopped Big bunch of coriander, washed and roughly chopped 2 cups soaked chick peas  (Buy dried chick peas and soak them in enough water to cover them for 24 hours. It’s really important to use dried rather than canned as it will change the whole taste of your falafels!) 2

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3 nourishing Christmas ideas

Watermelon Cooler – Makes 2 small cups 2 cups of chopped watermelon Handful of fresh mint Juice from 1/2 a lime 1/2 tray of ice & 1 cup of filtered water Blend everything except the water on high speed until it is mushy, around 1minute. Add water and blend again on high speed for approx 30sec Enjoy with a friend!

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