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Empowered Women’s Retreat

This retreat is a coming together of women, from all different places in life, with the common thread being we all are working to achieve balance.

We will be meeting each morning for a Yoga practice where you will learn to move in a way that fuels you, rather than depleting, a form of movement that will fill you up, energise you and leave you wanting more. Following this we will enjoy a healthy, cleansing breakfast together.

Each evening we will meet again to learn the art of meditation, breathing and rituals which will ground you in your every day life.There will be times of chanting, sound healing and women’s circles, where there will be opportunities to let go of the past, emerging as the woman you are ready to be.

Following this we will sit and enjoy a fresh, wholesome vegan dinner together. Alicia and Pat will share their love and passion of good, nourishing, healthy food. On the Friday we will meet for a Raw Food Workshop, and enjoy the ‘fruits’ of our time together for lunch. You will receive an Ebook with all recipes from this workshop, and a few extras from the retreat, to take away with you so you may continue creating when you leave.

There will be times to sit in nature and contemplate, as well as times to commune and laugh together.

We will be staying in the beautiful beachside bungalows of Tallow beach houses where there will be options to share with 3-4 other Yogis – each bungalow (3-4 sharing) will have it’s own bathroom, kitchen, lounge/dining and small verandah. If you would like some more space to yourself, there is also the option of having your own room. If you would like your family to join you, you can have your own Bungalow and come and go as you please, joining us for our practices and taking time out with your family.
Costing starts from $795
Contact alicia@happyfit.net.au for more details


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 Tallow Beach Houses - Byron Bay