Mind-Body-Spirit healing for Women

Let’s do this!

I am running this retreat as a chance for Women to learn that they are worth taking the time to look after themselves. This does not just mean taking a shower in peace. It means from the moment you wake, to when you lay your head on your pillow to sleep, you should know that your health and wellbeing are a number one priority. There are many many practices, mainly which are derived from Yoga, that will help to bring a sense of fullness into every moment of living. Methods we can partake in that will get us out of our heads, away from those endless ‘to do’ lists, and into embracing and enjoying all that this precious life has to offer.

By engaging you all in this way, through social media, I am hoping to not only bring about a healthy sense of competition, but more so remind you that we are in this together. We all go through similar stages, have similar anxieties and as the nurtures of the world tend to get pulled away from what it is we really want and need. Through committing to 21 days of posting with the theme of MIND-BODY-SPIRIT healing for Women I am hoping to reach more people than I could have through the retreat and spread the messages that we will be living for 3 days together.

T&C’s of ‘Women’s Retreat’ Social Media Competition —>>>

—>>> Competition will begin Saturday 26th August and end Saturday 16th September, winner will be announced Monday 18th September by email and on social media.
—>>> For those who have already made a deposit you are still welcome to join in!
—>>> Winner will receive a 2 for 1 package costing $895, valued at $1790, including – twin share room for you and a friend, all Yoga sessions and workshops, all Breakfasts and Dinners
—>>> Winner will be decided upon from self posts, interaction with commenting and sharing posts made by HappyFit on both Facebook and Instagram.

—>>> One winner only chosen across both Facebook and Instagram

Any other questions please get in touch with alicia@happyfit.net.au

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