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HappyFit Yoga is an individual based practice

At HappyFit we practice alignment based Vinyasa yoga which is a dynamic, flowing and strong practice connecting the breath with movement. The difference between a Class at HappyFit and other studios is we are a small, boutique studio where the individual matters. While the classes are very strong, each person will be met wherever they are at, assisted in developing correct alignment, therefore getting the absolute most from their time on the Yoga mat.

The breath is paramount in stilling the mind, opening the body and bringing us into a state of inner peace. Each class brings a deepening of the connection to the breath, as well as an opportunity to explore the philosophy of Yoga.

HappyFit Yoga is unlike any other you will experience, it will take you to anther level in your practice, create a love of movement and bring you back to your true Self.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to yoga – only what is right for the individual.