HappyFit And Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a sacred time in a woman’s life.  It is a time of growth – mentally and physically – and reflection.

All women experience pregnancy differently. Some blossom and thrive, while others suffer with everything from heartburn to depression.

With the correct preparation and mindset, no matter how your pregnancy and birth go, you can be in a place of acceptance and contentment.  Our babies have their own little plan and our first job as mothers is to go with the flow.

“My dream is to be able to help women experience all I did and more.”

Alicia from HappyFit is passionate about supporting Women through this incredibly important stage of life, becoming a Mother. Her classes are number 1 on the Gold Coast for Prenatal Yoga, bringing in aspects of Hypno-birthing, relaxation, strengthening and lengthening all the muscles which will support in both birth and post natal recovery. She runs ‘Educate and Empower’ classes alongside of her Prenatal Yoga classes to equip Mum’s to be with everything they will need in birth and beyond.

At HappyFit we run our Prenatal Yoga in blocks of 3 weeks to allow for the comings and going’s of Mama’s to be We also run Mama’s Yoga for when you have had your precious one and would like to get back into moving mindfully.

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**Please note these classes are Women only!**

pregnancy yoga at HappyFit