Shaken to the core

6 weeks ago today my whole world shifted forever when my Dad died by suicide. I’m not going to go in to the details right now, it’s all too much to put in to words, but I can honestly say that I have been absolutely shaken to the core, and I will never be the same. This doesn’t mean

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The women in my life…

In light of the new moon (sorry for the oxymoron!) I feel a pull to share my gratitude for all the wonderful women in my life. As in ancient times us ladies would gather around the new moon to ‘shed’ and discuss ‘secret women’s business’, it was a time to turn within and gain support from your sisters. Since leaving

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A very special friend of mine, who I admire a great deal, was telling me she has begun recording three things she is grateful for every day – from small things, like the sun is shining, to big things like hers and her family’s health. This got me thinking about the simple act of Gratitude and how often we all

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