Coconut oat cookies

These yummy cookies are satisfying and nourishing. With no added processed rubbish they are a fantastic lunchbox snack for the little ones as well as a healthy morning tea snack when you are on the go. You can make them gluten free by sourcing gluten free oats, which can be hard to come buy and expensive but worth it to

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Book an appointment with yourself

The most regular and heartfelt comment I receive is “I just don’t have time to do anything for myself”. This is completely relatable by so many, especially the woman I see on a daily basis who put themselves last and feel guilty even taking half and hour to sit down for a cup of tea. I have been selfish

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5 ways to stay sexy in the silly season

This time of year priorities of health, wellness and fitness seem to fall by the wayside as we accept invitations to drinks, dinner and ditch the morning training for what feels like a much needed sleep in. It is true on occasion we get run down and overwhelmed and in this instance we need rest, but more often than not

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Back online

I’m very excited to announce I’m back online After an extended festive season, due to a blown computer and a hectic schedule, I’m looking forward to rejoining the infinite blogosphere and sharing all I can with those who are out there. From new yoga experiences to yummy recipes, I hope to help educate and enlighten all those who are open and

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