mindful mothering

Embarking into unknown territory…..Motherhood.

I am by no means an expert on this topic. But I am a Mother, who struggled through the first 6-12 months, well let’s be really honest and just say that I still struggle some days. I am most definitely real and unfiltered in my speech and tell it like it is. These are some tips from someone who has been

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Growing up is easy to do

When I was 18, 34 sounded so incredibly old and boring that I knew my life would be over by that time and all the fun experiences had to be had before I hit those golden years. I could not have been more wrong. Getting older is the best thing that has ever happen to me. I have never felt

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Look up…

Lately I’ve been feeling tired, drained and a little over it. I’ve been putting this down to winter, needing a holiday, struggling with sinus issues, low iron…whatever excuse I could come up with at the many points in my day when I found myself wondering why I was feeling so crap. Then it hit me almost literally, smack bam in

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Do as I do

I like to think of myself as a fairly mindful Mother, I rarely raise my voice and if I ever snap at Lotus I will always explain later why I did so. Last week was the first week of school holidays, a time that is only new in our world. Now being a ‘school Mum’ has certainly brought about a

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What I know for sure about Mothering…..

Some things I wish I’d known/been told/ believed when I had my baby girl – your baby is going to grow up so fast, that new born cry will turn into a toddler wine, then to a little kid saying ‘pleeeeease’ then before you know it into a teenager who won’t bother saying anything at all. Embrace the moments your

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