Start slowly…

After being surrounded by healthy, mindful women all weekend who loved hearing about all things ‘good food’ related I thought I would share a few tips on bringing healthier eating into your home… This is not an overnight ‘quick fix’. Such a thing is unrealistic, and doesn’t work for 98% of people, especially busy Mums with enough on their plate,

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Mum’s the word

What is it with that saying anyway? The definition of Mum, as found in the Oxford Dictionary = Remain silent, especially so as not to reveal a secret: non verbalising. ‘Mum’s the word’ is used in relation to saying nothing about the secret you know. Isn’t it the truth that so many new Mum’s do hold back on what they are

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Non doing Never have I experienced such true ‘non-doing’ as I have since being a mother. In recent times life has gotten so incredibly busy, think of when you see a friend you haven’t caught up with in a while and what do most of us say when asked how we are and what we’ve been doing? “I’ve been really

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