Give sprouting a go

In the past when I thought about sprouting my next thought would immediately be….”too hard basket”. Then came the fateful day (which turned out to be a blessing in disguise) when my sprouts lady, who I have been buying beautiful yummy salad sprouts off for over a year, told me she was having some time off….what! How dare you! Was

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(best ever) Green Smoothie

My lil family have enjoyed ‘green smoothies’ for a long time, it is our staple breakfast. I am not big into ‘cooking’ but I absolutely love preparing food, it is a passion of mine, and there is nothing I love more than getting up early and chucking a whole heap of nutrient dense, locally sourced, brightly coloured foods into our thermomix (ahem, excuse me

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To Mix Or Not To Mix

I went to a fabulous food demonstration on the weekend, done using a Thermomix. Having heard of them for years, my friend recently purchased one and could not stop talking about how wonderful it is and how much you can do in them, so I thought I should go see for myself. When you are living a busy full life

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