Yang-Yin Yogis

This course is 4 weeks of delving into the deeper meaning of Yoga. Each week we take a look at the 8 limbs of yoga, focusing on 2 limbs, each class, over the 4 weeks of classes, and see how the philosophy plays out in the practice. The asana (poses) practice will be a balance between strength and long held stretches.

Thursday 6:30-8pm


  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
thursday 6:30 pm 8:00 pm Alicia HappyFit Studio

Alicia has been sharing her love of Yoga and Health for over 11 years. After travelling and studying extensively, she finally committed to settling down on the Gold Coast, becoming a Wife and Mother, and Yogini. As a teacher she aims to share the art of balancing strength and stillness in this busy world in which we live. With a