Welcome to our Events Page. Our events are all located on or around the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. We aim to bring this community together through Yoga, Meditation and Wellness, and enjoy meeting new people as well as seeing the familiar faces we know and love.


Join us for our course in Prenatal Yoga – January 13th. These courses run for 3 consecutive Saturday’s 8-9:30am, with Alicia from our studio at 5 Lesley Ave Miami.

Through the course we move through postures to keep your body strong and supple, learn birthing breathing and relaxation techniques based on the method of Hypnobirthing, and have discussions around natural birthing.

Yoga Gold Coast

Come along for a roll!

In this workshop we will break down the art of balancing using the Prana wheel. Using the wheel helps to build strength and stability through the stabilising muscles, particularly the core. It also assists in opening the front body, helping to support deeper back bends.

These classes begin by building strength and heat and finish with some deep long held stretches so you will walk away feeling rested and restored rather than depleted.

The next workshop is Tuesday November 28th, 6-7:30pm at HappyFit studio, 5 Lesley Avenue, Miami.

Casual pass is $18 OR if you are a HappyFit pass holder one off your pass.