empowered women’s retreat

Yoga Retreat @Tallow Beach Houses, Byron Bay NSW

September 21-24 LIMITED NUMBERS

This retreat is a coming together of women, to learn the importance of taking care of ourselves so we may go out and nurture the world.

Through spending the past 15 years working on healing myself I have come across many different methods and practices, and through these 3 days it is my aim to share which ones help me daily. There will be time to be in nature, and time to be still. This is not a retreat to come and ‘do’ but rather come and ‘be’.

We will be meeting each morning for a Yoga practice where you will learn to move in a way that fuels you, rather than depleting, a form of movement that will fill you up, energise you and leave you wanting more. Following this we will enjoy a healthy, cleansing breakfast together.

Through the day the intention is to take time to rest, and be in your surroundings. Tallow beach houses are right next to the ocean, and nestled in bush.

Each evening we will meet again to learn the art of meditation, breathing and rituals which will ground you in your every day life.There will be times of chanting, sound healing and women’s circles, following this we will meet again for a healthful and wholesome dinner.

Alicia xxx

A day on retreat will look something like this⋯

7-7:30am – Meditation, Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Chanting.
7:30-9am – Yoga – a class where you will be supported wherever you are within your practice to become more in tune with how your body works.
9am – Fresh juice and healthy vegan breakfast.
10-4pm –  Time to rest. Optional Waterfall walk
4-6pm – Restorative practices
6:30pm – Dinner – a vegetarian menu with a focus on detoxifying foods will be on offer.