5 things Yoga has taught me

Dedication and commitment to one thing can be challenging, sometimes tiring, and no doubt we will question the path. But it also leads to liberation. 1. Stick with it. Sticking with things can be hard. There are so many reasons to quit. It’s too difficult to fit in 1-2hrs practice a day. My body hurts, this can’t be good for

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Yoga – beyond the body

When we hear ‘Yoga’ we imagine a room full of people with their butts in the air. When I say, “I’ve been at yoga” I mean I have been to a class where I have sweated, moved, twisted and balanced on my head. But the real yoga never stops. Yoga, as most of us know on some level, is so

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Yin and Yang – of movement

The ultimate balance… Most of us westerners have limited time on our hands, and when we do get to exercise we choose to, basically, smash ourselves. Have you noticed how training is getting harder, faster and heavier? Why is it that we feel the need to punish ourselves? Our bodies give us so much, they walk us through life, and

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No coffee No prana

One of my favourite, however misunderstood, sayings by the late Sri Pattabi Jois ‘No coffee, No prana’ I have totally taken this quote and run with it, very fast…all the way to the ocean and back….three times! I love coffee. I love the smell, the taste, the ritual and the feeling it gives me. The one thing I do not

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My First Mysore

This morning I went to my very first ever ‘Mysore’ class. It is safe to say I am hooked. I have been wondering, waiting, willing myself to go for so long and it wasn’t until a change in the timetable at one of my favourite yoga studio’s forced me to do it, that I finally took the plunge. For any

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