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S.O.S – Survivors of Suicide, is this even a thing? Those of us left behind after such a tragedy can only be called survivors, as we have had no other choice than to carry on and hold the memory of our lost loved one close. Moving away from Fathers Day last week, my first one without my own Father here,

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RU OK? How do you open conversations with friends each time you see them? I know my  ‘got to’ is asking ‘how are you?’ but do we always answer honestly? And do we really listen to each others response with compassion and kindness, or are we just waiting to get into more interesting things, like how’s work going, what did

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The many gifts of being present

How often throughout your day are you completely involved in the task you are performing? Perhaps you truly love whatyou do for work, and when you are doing it you become so absorbed in it that you forget everything else and before you know it hours have passed you by. But what about when you are doing the menial tasks

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