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The most regular and heartfelt comment I receive is “I just don’t have time to do anything for myself”. This is completely relatable by so many, especially the woman I see on a daily basis who put themselves last and feel guilty even taking half and hour to sit down for a cup of tea. I have been selfish

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Common misalignment throughout Sun Salutations

 Plank The first of these planks the hips are too low. This will happen when the core is not correctly engaged, and will place stress on the lower back. In the second plank the hips have lifted too high, this is better than the first example as there is no added pressure on the lower back, however you are missing

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(don’t) Go hard or Go home

It’s getting towards the end of the year and most of us are feeling it, we are tired and loosing momentum. It’s time we all took a break from the daily grind to spend quality moments with loved ones and remember what is important to us in life. This, however, does not mean we should stop moving, rather the opposite.

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5 ways to stay sexy in the silly season

This time of year priorities of health, wellness and fitness seem to fall by the wayside as we accept invitations to drinks, dinner and ditch the morning training for what feels like a much needed sleep in. It is true on occasion we get run down and overwhelmed and in this instance we need rest, but more often than not

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