It’s cool to be uncool

Over the years my definition of cool has changed….dramatically. I would be seriously concerned if it hadn’t. When I was in my early teens I thought people who wore pants that were 4 sizes too big, smoked cigarettes and hung out in shopping centres were very cool. From here I decided that I was more into people who surfed, had

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5 Tips to transition from Summer to Autumn

There is change in the air. As we transition from the heat of summer to cooler mornings and shorter days there is a need to take more care of our health. According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of life from which yoga flourished, all diseases begin at the junctions of the seasons. Depending on your dosha (constitution) the changing

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Food obsessed!

This week to start off the year with a sweaty bang (keep your minds out of the gutter!) I am participating in an Ashtanga intensive with my amazing teacher Mark Tongi. As is usual practice for me a lot of ‘stuff’ is coming up, which is part of the reason we yogis partake in intensives, it makes us uncomfortable, and

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(best ever) Green Smoothie

My lil family have enjoyed ‘green smoothies’ for a long time, it is our staple breakfast. I am not big into ‘cooking’ but I absolutely love preparing food, it is a passion of mine, and there is nothing I love more than getting up early and chucking a whole heap of nutrient dense, locally sourced, brightly coloured foods into our thermomix (ahem, excuse me

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The many gifts of being present

How often throughout your day are you completely involved in the task you are performing? Perhaps you truly love whatyou do for work, and when you are doing it you become so absorbed in it that you forget everything else and before you know it hours have passed you by. But what about when you are doing the menial tasks

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Spring Clean #5

Day 15 into the detox and I am feeling 100% on how I was last week. I really think that was all side effects of my body withdrawing from sugar – scary! I am a person who doesn’t consume much sugar. I don’t eat any of the biggest ‘sugar sneaks’ the foods that you would never think would have much

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