(don’t) Go hard or Go home

It’s getting towards the end of the year and most of us are feeling it, we are tired and loosing momentum. It’s time we all took a break from the daily grind to spend quality moments with loved ones and remember what is important to us in life. This, however, does not mean we should stop moving, rather the opposite.

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Yin and Yang – of movement

The ultimate balance… Most of us westerners have limited time on our hands, and when we do get to exercise we choose to, basically, smash ourselves. Have you noticed how training is getting harder, faster and heavier? Why is it that we feel the need to punish ourselves? Our bodies give us so much, they walk us through life, and

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3 tips to save you 3 kilos

Easter is such a great time of year, it seems to pop up so fast and before you know it here we are with 4 days off and nothing holding us back. Eggxcept (hehe I had to throw one in there!) haven’t we been working our butts off to get to our fittest healthiest selves? Haven’t we gotten rid of

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Choose to Love your body

After some recent contemplation I came up with a scary reality….I have NEVER been happy with my body. I’m not here to moan about feeling ‘fat’ or to talk about loosing weight, instead I want to discuss how to have the best body you can have, and be happy within your own skin. This is something I often talk about

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5 ways to stay sexy in the silly season

This time of year priorities of health, wellness and fitness seem to fall by the wayside as we accept invitations to drinks, dinner and ditch the morning training for what feels like a much needed sleep in. It is true on occasion we get run down and overwhelmed and in this instance we need rest, but more often than not

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