3rd Yama – non-stealing

2.37 pratisthayam sarva ratna upasthanam When non-stealing (asteya) is established all jewels, or treasures, present themselves, or are available to the Yogi. The third Yama (the first step in Yoga) is Asteya, or non-stealing. Clearly if you are a good person you do not steal from others, but what defines stealing? If you use a quote you have heard as your own,

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How to meditate (and what not to expect)

There most regular comment I get in regards to meditation is “I just cannot stop thinking.” You are not alone! And you do not need to stop thinking to be meditating, you just need the discipline to sit your butt down, every day, and do it! For me meditation began by doing just that, just sitting. From here I began

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21 day social media meditation

Are you ready to commit to this? It needs to be something to dedicate yourself to, no matter what. There will be days when you don’t feel like doing it. Perhaps mornings when you wake up and you think another 10 minutes in bed will be much more beneficial than sitting to meditate, but you will be wrong. Because this truly

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Creating space

We all know the feeling of being too close to a problem, unable to find a solution as we can’t see the forest through the trees. But how do we create space around issues when life is so busy we seem to move from one thing to the next? I’m yet to discover how to do this in my day

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Craving and aversion

These two pull us in different directions day after day, week after week, throughout most of our lives until we give in or give up. We all crave pleasurable sensations, a rich creamy piece of chocolate or a cosy bed in the middle of winter. We all avoid things that hurt or annoy us. But that which feels good not

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Keeping up with the ‘Jones’s’

So much of life could be spent trying to keep up with those around us, but really, what a crap way to live? It all begin’s when we start school. Already my daughter has told me about girls in her class telling her that they don’t ‘poo or fart’ ?! So this sets a standard in her mind that she

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